This webpage contains a listing of The_GoldFish/TGF's (Otherwise known as Gena Tuvey) crappy test mods. All mods on this page are considered public domain by me at least, so take them apart, dismantle them, find out how they work etc. I should point out, though, that they're not crap as such, just crap mods. They're great if you need to work something out about Darwinia.
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Mod which demos Darwinia 1.5.X LaserFenceSwitch buildings

Mod used for Aquarelle 2 screenshots

Crazy test level for Multiwinia which may pit 4 attackers vs doom!

God Dish Tester, Basic mod which demos how to turn a god dish on and and off.

Rendermark, a mod which does 6 flybys of Darwinia levels, and can be used as a benchmark of how well Darwinia is brought to life by your computer.

ViewEnding - a mod which lets people who have completed the game watch the ending again - there are no ants in this mod => not going to crash

Islinuxbust - A quick test mod to see if dynamic global buildings work the same on windows and linux (apparently they don't!)

Pattern Pissabout - Basically lets you play with patternbuffer stuff and shows how they work in general and the nuances of attached AI spawn points and online status.

Broken Turrets - Shows that Darwinians will still try to get to a turret in an area they can't get to (eg next to a mine cart track link section)

Technically the following mods are no longer relavent. However they are still crap, so they are still here!
Demo 2 mod - (this file is like 3.6 meg) Mod which lets you play demo2 on version 1.3+ of the game, without making you have to install the demo seperately (demo2 is now included in version 1.5 of Dariwnia as prologue) - note THIS VERSION HAS BEEN FIXED, it now includes a missing file - if your demo2mod has no icons directory then it's missing a file, namely: !!this file!!

mission_garden_liberate - this can be used to replace your garden mission in your profile and rewatch the end sequence (this will also unlock the game completion bounusses) - it DOES NOT deal with any crashes that may occur due to ant presence in your profile

Fearmod - Demonstrated an issue where an unmanned turret could lock Darwinians in fear forever (this has been fixed)

Turret crasher - Demonstrated an issue when red Darwinian AI used a turret as an AI target, once a certain number of Darwinians were around the turret, the game would crash (This has now been fixed)

Roffle, banned!

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