This webpage contains a listing of Script commands, their required version, and effects in game (For Darwinia)
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Darwinia Script Commands - White = 1.0, Light Grey = 1.3, Darker Grey = 1.5
Command Description Param 1 Param 2 Param 3 Param 4
SayCauses avatar to say a string from language/strings_default fileKey name of string
ShutUpInstantly completes any say commands in progress
PermitEscapeMakes return instantly exit the script, skipping any unfinished commands
CamMoveMoves to a camera name over a period of time (some innacuracy)Target camera nameSeconds to arrival
CamCutInstantly cuts to a camera name (doesn't require camresetTarget camera name
CamResetRestores camera control to player
CamFOVChanges the camera's FOV (such as when in cutscene modeField of viewSlow or Instant flag
CamBuildingFocusFocuses the camera on a buildingBuilding ID to focus onSome numberSome other number
CamLocationFocusFocuses the camera on a worldmap locationName of location to focus onSome number
CamGlobalWorldFocusDoes a short external tour of Darwinia (don't use in a map)
WaitWaits for specified number of secondsSeconds to wait
WaitSayWaits for any say commands to finish before running next command
WaitCamWaits for any camera events to finish for running next command
WaitFadeWaits for the fading transitions between entering/leaving a location before running next command
WaitPlayerNotBusySupposedly waits until the player isn't doing anything before running next command
WaitRocketUsed by demo 2 to sync scripts with rocket eventsDoes nothing?Rocket eventDoes nothing?
EnterLocationEnters a game location (World map only?)Name of location to enter
ExitLocationExits the current location
SetMissionAllows you to change the mission file of a locationName of location to change mission ofFull name of mission file
ActivateTrunkPortGraphically turns on a trunk portID of trunk port to activate
ActivateTrunkPortFullTurns on a trunk port and makeavailables it's target locationID of trunk port to activate
HighlightShines god rays at a building (Persists between levels)Building ID to highlight
ClearHighlightsClears all building highlights
DestroyBuildingDestroys a building by ID and creates a damaging explosionID of building to destroyRadius of explosion
TriggerSoundStarts a sound playing (typically music)Name of sound to trigger
StopSoundStops a sound playingName of sound to stop
GiveResearchGives version 1.0 of the specified research nameName of research to aquire
ResetResearchResets Darwinian research to 1.0 (for temple cutscene)
RestoreResearchRestores Darwinian research to original value if called in same instance of game as when resetresearch was called
GodDishActivateTurns on the god dish
GodDishDeactivateTurns off the god dish
GodDishSpawnResearchSpawns dummy research from the god dish
GodDishSpawnSpamSpawns spam from the god dish
TriggerSpamMakes any spam emit doom ribbons
DemoGestureDraws a gesture from the demo gestures folderName of gesture to demo (including .txt)
ShowDarwinLogoShows a logo with some text
ShowDemoEndSequenceDoes the fade to white with spinny DGs seen at the end of demo2

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